Solid Infrastructure

Auto-scaled, micro-services platform built for elasticity

APIs made for Humans

Thoughtful APIs for developers. We have official libraries for Unity, iOS, Android, and Web. Simple integration, simple authentication, simple API.

APIs made for humans illustration
  • Open-source libraries icon

    Open-source Libraries

    Native code written for ease of use. Available for Unity, iOS, Android, and Web. All our clients are open-source on GitHub. Report bugs and contribute improvements.

  • Collaboration on games icon

    Collaborate on Games

    Building a game with multiple team members? Heroic Labs is built from ground up with collaboration in mind. Add team member as owners or collaborators in Hub.

  • SSL Security icon

    SSL Security

    Serious about security. Make API calls only over HTTPS. Encrypted passwords. All servers firewalled from the Internet.

  • API keys with permissions icon

    API Keys with Permissions

    Read-only and full permission API keys for different uses. Revoke API keys with every game update to further secure your games.

High availability

Built on Telecoms technology specially designed for predictable latency and fault tolerance. Heroic Labs provides transparent uptime reports. Micro-service architecture with no single point of failure.

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  • Strong data consistency icon

    Strong Data Consistency

    Heroic Labs runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). All database technologies guarantee strong consistency; and automated scheduled backups.

  • Flood control icon

    Flood control

    Built-in flood control to protect against DDOS attacks. Exponential backoff information with retry attempts delivered to all SDKs for gradual load re-distribution.