Parse Alternative

This is intended to be a brief, objective, technical comparison of Heroic Labs and Parse. This is to help you migrate your data over from Parse to Heroic Labs before Parse shuts down on 28th January 2017.

If you feel this comparison is unfaithful for whatever reason, please send an email to .

At A Very High Level

  • Both Heroic Labs and Parse services are hosted on Amazon Web Services.
  • Heroic Labs’ services are written primarily in Erlang, while Parse uses a combination of Go and Ruby.
  • Parse uses MongoDB. Heroic Labs’ uses a combination of technologies including Postgres and HBase.

Features/Capability Comparison

The table below gives a high level comparison of Heroic Labs' and Parse's features and capabilities. To keep the page relevant in the face of rapid development on both sides, low level details are found in links to the online documentation for Heroic Labs and Parse.

Feature/Capability Heroic Labs Parse
User Accounts Facebook, Google, Email and Anonymous Accounts. Explicitly link and unlink profiles. Facebook profiles as well as arbitrary user objects.
Object Storage Datastore API with Table and Object Permissions. Backed by HBase and ElasticSearch. ACL-oriented object storage. Mainly backed by MongoDB.
Cloud Code Lua Code Execution Environment. Write custom Lua functions and invoke from the client. 12s execution time allowed. Javascript Code Execution. Write custom Javascript code and invoke from the client. Between 12-15s execution time allowed.
Background Jobs Scheduled code execution, no different to Cloud Code. No limit on number of Scheduled Jobs. 15min running window. One job per 20 req/s.
Request Hooks Execute code as Post/Pre commit hook on every API call (including account-level activities.) Execute code on Object Storage changes (beforeSave, afterSave, beforeDelete, afterDelete.)
Dashboard Focuses on configuration and live operations. Hub has controls for configuration, telemetry, data management, and any post-launch support needed. Dashboard focuses on app configuration and telemetry data. After the most recent redesign, many features are no longer available in the dashboard.
Open-source All SDKs open-source on Github