Build beautiful social, competitive, and multiplayer games

  • Built for every device icon

    Built for every device

    An API specially designed for all platforms.

  • Competition for gamers icon

    Advanced Leaderboards

    Add instant replay value with leaderboards and achievements.

  • Socially connect players

    Social Multiplayer Games

    Play multiplayer matches with your Facebook and Google friends.

  • Monetize your audience

    Monetize your audience

    Protect your revenue from in-app purchase attacks.

Effortless player login

Simple login that doesn't require any input from the user. Exceptionally useful for immersive gameplay.

Facebook, Google+ Accounts

Integrate with Facebook and Google+ accounts using OAuth access tokens.

Link Custom Accounts

Add your own accounts dynamically to our service.

Seemless player login illustration
  • Cross-device, worldwide, ranked leaderboards. Compare players to everyone else and rank them by lap time, money, score, and any other value you like.

  • Leaderboards icon

    Unlimited leaderboards

    No limit on number of leaderboards per game. Set up as many leaderboards as levels!

  • World wide ranking icon

    Instant world-wide ranking

    Player ranks are calculated in realtime for every player using any number values you'd like to compete on.

  • Daily, weekly, monthly leaderboard icon

    Daily, weekly, monthly leaderboard

    Setup leaderboards that reset automatically on a given schedule.

  • Attach arbitrary information icon

    Attach extra information to every Entry

    Add custom JSON to each player's entry on a leaderboard. Add your own flags, icons, URLs, or other information.

Search user-generated content directly in-game

Store player progress, build and share user-generated maps, create tournaments, PvP battles, race ghosts, and much more.

Shared Storage illustration
  • Powerful lucene like language icon

    Powerful Lucene-like query language to express complex queries easily.

  • Store JSON objects icon

    Store JSON objects and filter on fields and keys for maximum flexibility.

  • Protected data regions icon

    Define permissions in objects to share read-only data between players.

Lua code personalised for your gameplay

Develop and upload custom code which we'll scale and run; extend the platform capabilities

  • Pre post request hook icon

    Pre/Post Request Hooks

    Setup your code to run before or after an API request is processed by the service.

  • Direct or scheduled invocation icon

    Direct or Scheduled Invocation

    Invoke your script through a HTTP call or via a scheduled timer.

  • Interact with external third-party services icon

    Interact with third-party services

    Such as Ad, Analytics, cross-promotion, or other HTTP services.

  • Attach arbitrary information icon

    Access all of the Heroic API

    Use API features only available within the platform like custom multiplayer.

local M = {}
function M.example(context, payload)
  local session = context.gamer_id
  if (not session) then
    return context.error("No user session.")
  local storage =
      heroic.datastore.read(session, "savegames", "SaveGame1")
  storage["myNewKey"] = "New game state."
  heroic.datastore.write(session, "savegames", "SaveGame1", storage)
return M

Scalable turn-based multiplayer engine

We match players, you manage turns. Send as much turn data as you like and take as many turns as you'd like.

Multiplayer illustration

And much more features to enhance your game

We've built an API for the next-generation of games.

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  • Achievement

    Reward players for the accomplishments in game; and challenge them to unlock your hidden secrets!

  • Gifting

    Send gifts to users. Let players send resources or items between each other and reward them at different stages of gameplay.

  • Mailboxes

    Send and store up to 100 message per player. Message can be configured with a custom expiry time.

  • IAP Verification

    Protect against replay attacks, fake purchases, purchase sharing and receipt alterations. Verify all purchases made with Apple and Google.

  • Datastore

    Save game progress, game state, and player status. Store data privately and securely for each user in your games.

  • Push Notifications

    Engage with your players on Android and iOS. Send special messages to predefined segments of your users.

Microservices built with Telecoms technologies

Solid, dependable infrastructure designed for scale. Built for high-availability with thoughtful APIs made for developers.

Microservices built with telecoms technologies illustration