Supported Devices

Heroic Labs supports any internet-connected gaming device. The service uses HTTPS and JSON as the protocol for the Game API. All social and competitive Heroic Labs features are fully cross-device.

We're excited to see developers build games that start on the console or desktop, and then carry that same gameplay experience to mobile and to any other games devices.


The service has been developed with "edge" connectivity in mind. We have first-class mobile support with official SDKs for Unity, Android, iOS, and HTML5/FirefoxOS.


The service has full support for CORS negotiation; a pre-flight request used by browsers to negotiate permissions for cross-domain requests. This enables the domain host of a game to make AJAX requests to Heroic Labs. Check out our official Web SDK.

We have a collection of custom webcomponents you can use to display information like achievements and leaderboards from a game on your website.

VR / AR Devices

Immersive new technology needs first-class support if it is to thrive. Our service is designed with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices in mind. Whether you're building for Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, or something nobody has seen yet, we'll make sure you have the service to give your gamers the very best experience.


We believe wearable technology will have a huge impact on interactive games; especially when combined with geolocation technology. The Heroic Labs Android SDK supports Android Wear. We're experimenting with a Pebble SDK and other wearables.


Mainstream consoles have their own solutions for account management and competitive features but lock gamers into their own ecosystem. Heroic Labs can share leaderboards between Xbox and PlayStation, save data across consoles, and much more!


The Heroic Labs service has been designed to support any kind of gaming device; if it can make a HTTP request it will work with our platform. If you're experimenting with gaming technology and aren't sure whether it is compatible, please get in touch.