Cloud Code

Run your custom code effortlessly at scale.

Upload Lua code that can react in your games.

  • API invocation icon

    API Invocation

    Run custom code in the cloud directly from your app or game.

  • Scheduled invocation icon

    Scheduled Invocation

    Run daily, weekly, or monthly scripts for background tasks.

  • Pre pst commit hooks icon

    Pre/Post-Commit Hooks

    Execute scripts before or after API requests to react to your users.

Build functionality tailored for your games.

  • Player vs Player

    Build beautiful PvP experiences and challenge players around the world.

  • Gifting

    Send gifts, and rewards to players and invite them to live events.

  • Tournaments

    Build leagues, divisions, and cohorts. Reward players as they compete.

  • Guilds

    Create groups for friends, or teams and strategise to win.

  • Custom player login flow

    Send newsletters, announcements, signup perks, and more to your newest players.

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  • Heroic Labs plays nice with third-party services.

    Third party services illustration

    Integrate with other services like analytics or email providers and use external web hooks.

  • Extend Heroic Labs core features with your custom logic.

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    Run custom code which extends our API with features specific to your games.

Cloud Code comes with the full power of Lua.

  • Lua Runtime

    Take advantage of Lua's flexibilty and speed.

  • Module Imports

    Import community contributed Lua modules and reuse your common code.

  • 12 Seconds Execution Window

    Handle complex tasks with up 12 seconds per run on the code execution service.

local M = {}
function M.example(context, payload)
  local session = context.gamer_id
  if (not session) then
    return context.error("No user session.")
  local storage =, "savegames", "SaveGame1")
  storage["myNewKey"] = "New game state."
  heroic.datastore.write(session, "savegames", "SaveGame1", storage)
return M

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